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(Updated: September 12, 2012)
rock savage jan 19 2010

It must feel fruitless to spend time on making a FanEdit and then for no-one to comment or even rate it after release. It feels as if everyones attention is solely focused on the the usual culprits namely Luke or Bruce.

So Wraith releases a Preview/Test Audience Version of Fatal Attraction, which reinstates the less compromising ending so detested by the studio and their preview audiences.

Waith’s FanEdit begins with the original credit sequence but with his own credit titles superimposed alongside when needed. I did feel some more effort could have been made to integrate these credits more seamlessly, the same font as the original would have helped.

Although the image quality looks good for the age of the film, there is a very slight stutter, which appears through-out.

As for the ending, no spoilers here, it is more challenging and I can see why the studio rushed to those re-shoots.

If you are a Fan of the original then this is worth a look-see.

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