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This is a Masterclass in how to take a borderline train wreck of a show and turn it into a solid, mid tier Marvel movie. I was blown away with how good this edit was, and honestly it took one of my least favorite Marvel properties and put it above the middle of the pack which is amazing.

I have 2 small knit picks (Both at the end of the film):
1. towards the very end, when Cap flys off and we smash to the Exterior of Isaiah's house, i feel like it should go to black for a second or two, maybe a J audio edit of the knock on the door from the next scene and a fade in as the door is answered. As it stands it feels too smashed together and the fly off moment needs just a second or two to breath in my opinion.
2. I wish there was one more post credits scene where Valentina sets the stage for Walker to become U.S.Agent "its the same... but black..." scene. its a decently funny scene and in the same way that at the end of Black Widow we have a set up towards the Thunderbolts it would make these films post credits the darker parallel to the OG Nick Fury gathering the Avengers in Phase 1... just a small thing

This edit saved this show in my opinion. while its not perfect it will be what i watch when i go back through the MCU in the future and what i will eventually show my kids when they are old enough.

Amazing Work Spence!

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