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Wow, wow, wow... Absolutely recommed this fan-edit over the full length tv-show. If you want the review in short

Technically, absolutely fantastic. At no point did I feel like there were some rough transitions between the scenes, or the audio didn't match. Everything matched, everything was as seamless as possible. Well, except for maybe one moment. The moment that I hoped the editor would cut. When John Walker was first introduced, there was this shot where he looks directly into the camera and nods, and then the black screen appears, when the original episode ends. That was practically the only moment, where I was like 'yeah, that feels like an editor cut'. Could've been smoother, but didn't really bother me

Narratively? The original is not a mess, but it has a lot of rough spots, which a fan-edit can't possibly fix. That said, the edit did its best to cut the junk and leave the necessary stuff in. While watching I could just feel the scenes where additional reshoots would help to strong the transitions and the story. Fan-edit doesn't have the resources for that obviously, so I ignore it, but take note nevertheless. As the other review said, the Sam's final speech is one scene that still brings the whole thing down in terms of the enjoyment. I can't begin to think how to restructure that scene to get the point across without sounding so blunt and childish. I give it a pass, but it's still there and it still sucks just as much as it did in the original show. Flag smashers? Suck. Their leader? Oh my... How do you fix THAT in the fan-edit? They all are still there. The credit where credit is due, though. They're not that frustrating in the fan-edit. One other thing. The ending felt rather abrupt, like there was supposed to be at least some dialogue between the two main characters, instead of the montage barbeque. If it ended just on the museum scene with Isah, that would be better, in my opinion

Overall, I enjoyed it. And if I ever would want to rewatch the whole MCU, then this fan-edit is what I am going for, instead of wasting whatever hours on the original tv-show. This one does the same job in the shorter time, but gets all the original ideas across. The perfect example of why MCU should've stuck with the movie format

Even in the shortened time, John Walker is still the most interesting character in the story. Makes me wish that the original would concentrate solely on him and his journey of being forced to take the iconic mantle, failing to live up to it, losing his partner, losing his 'cool' and killing a terrorist (the senators better NOT stop calling them that), then being discharged, and then still showing up to the final battle and making the choice of saving people instead of the vengeance. Damn... They really should've made the movie about him with Falcon and Winter Soldier as background characters

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