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This was a very entertaining fix of a relatively boring TV show!

The most impressive part is that half of the show is missing but it didn't feel like anything was gone. The Zemo breakout was so well done, it was awesome. I loved that it just happened and that was it. I've seen a billion jailbreaks, I don't need a other one, so solid work there. Someone else mentioned her mask being on "instantly" but I'm happy to chalk that one up to "she put it on off-screen, which works perfectly for me.

I only threw a 9 in for narrative/enjoyment because there were a few things that went by very very quickly. Like the refugee vote felt like it came out of nowhere. Maybe it would've made sense to scatter that info throughout so that it wouldn't feel tacked on. I was also slightly confused at points, like "ok we're here, now we're here, now we go here, meet this girl/guy, that girl/guy dies, etc." That kind of pacing is great for a TV show, which needs one climax per episode, but a movie only needs one total, so it must have been hard to make it work.

Overall, a very good job and far far more enjoyable than the show was with twice the length.

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