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Evil Dead (2013) was already an interesting reimagining. The original film was so post to just be a horror flick, but it was so low budget and corny that it more so came off as being funny than scary. Cue Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn which is basically a full blown remake of the first film, while still being a sequel, and was purposefully funny. So Evil Dead (2013)'s intent was to properly be a horror movie, and it almost completely achieved that. What mainly got in the way were some cringe worthy one liners, but the removal of the "we're gonna get you" scene also hurt especially since it was in the trailer. Evil Dead (2013) was still a decent movie, but these things held it back from fully realizing its potential.

Then comes Dr. Sapirstein's "Alternate Cut." He was able to remove many of those terrible zingers and reinsert the "we're gonna get you" scene. The editing here is pretty flawless, in no way can you tell this is a fan edit if you didn't know better. Nothing felt like it was abruptly cutting to mask something, and the "we're gonna get you" blended perfectly to the scene it was attached to. This "Alternate Cut" looks and feels professional.

That's not to say this edit is 100% perfect though. Its resolution is pretty low, but luckily this is a dark movie so pixelation was kept to a minimum. There was also a visual glitch that happened twice for a split second. These didn't spoil the experience in any way, and I still prefer and would recommend this cut over the official one, but these issues are why I gave video quality an 8.

So in short this is a fantastic edit by Dr. Sapirstein that makes this reimagining of Sam Raimi's horror classic truly shine and far more enjoyable.

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