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(Updated: October 05, 2015)
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A grim overhaul of a muddled SciFi / Horror film. Mollo pulls this out of tech and into fire and blackness, heightening the horror elements with relish.

Audio/Video Quality - The DVD is not available. Not that I am complaining. This is one of those edits I waited and waited for. Literally. One particular file refused to download and I waited over two weeks, until one afternoon when it started going. For newcomers, patience does bear rewards.

The avi image is a little soft and is undoubtedly superior on the DVD version. The audio is muffled at times and I suspect is not better on the larger DVD.

Video - 640p, MPEG-4. Well done throughout, in an ambitious edit. Numerous alterations are unnoticed. The additional scenes were worked in nicely.

Audio - 2-channel, MP3 128kbps. Man, this is where the edit really shines. This is an outstanding soundscape Mollo has crafted. Do not overlook the extras! The “Evil Sounds” bonus is a clinic on relayering audio channels. Aspiring editors would be well advised to study this.

Narrative - Coherence gets lost in this. Of course the film was always a jumble. Dr. Weir seems even odder from the get-go and his usefulness onboard is negligible. An asteroid (from Deep Impact) sweeps past in the beginning for no real reason, though it is in the alternative ending bonus. At the end, Capt Miller sends Lt. Starck to the command deck for intel, and she ... it is not explained. This turns into a flat out horror film with many stray threads and unanswered questions. That is not a problem, a lot of mysteries have no solutions, but there seem to be an awful lot in this edit. The pacing also feels rushed, very much so past the midway point.

Enjoyment - Appreciate would be a better word. I recognize and admire much of what Mollo did here. It does feel like a horror film, which was his intention, though not a particularly intelligent one. He removed much of the stupid factor, which is commendable, yet many of the characters are reduced to sketches. I never cared about them, so I never cared what happened to them. Tough luck, kids, I thought.

On one hand, the outro music, the last taste one gets from any film, was incongruous, intrusive and irritating.
On the other hand, the bonus features, redeemed quite a bit for me. Seeing how much Mollo had done, just with one brief scene, had me recognize and applaud the work he did with this. Adding those bonus features in a folder along with the feature .avi is genuinely considerate.

Good edit, worth viewing. Based on other reviews, tracking down the DVD is recommended.

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