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Event Horizon is a cult classic, and it shows. Even after the MPAA made Paul W.S. Anderson cut out half an hour of gore, this is still a violent, darkly toned movie. Going into this edit, i was not sure what to expect, since Event Horizon it not exactly something that leads to a lot of interpretations.

First off, the video quality is not the best. The custom intro had some major artifacting, but everything after that was pretty decent, it was entirely watchable. Although the footage looked a little low quality. Nothing terrible, but since i watched the DL-DVD, i expected a little better. The Sound is a lot better in terms of overall quality. Again, with the intro, when the title popped up, it came with a loud, crashing sound. I feel like it could have been done a little better.

The footage put into the movie fits. There was one or two things that were a little noticeable. Like when Lt. Starck meets her end and the audio cut of her screaming/grunting seems to appear a little too suddenly. Some footage seems to repeat or be reverse, but overall, there is not a lot to complain about here.

The DL-DVD comes with some good special features, such as "slashed" (deleted) scenes, an audio featurette, which shows off how the editor did a pretty good job at doing the audio, trailers for other fanedits, stills, info, and an easter egg. It's a pretty good package for a fanedit, and it goes beyond what's expected. There was a weird issue with my copy of it, and i don't know if it affects anyone else, but when selecting things on the menu, the highlight for whatever option i was on didn't match the icon on screen.

Killer Horizon is an even darker cut of Event Horizon and does a pretty decent job it. Outside of a few minor problems that a 2.0 version of this can fix, this makes for an interesting alternate version of Event Horizon. All of my problems could easily be fixed with a second version of it, but i doubt the editor will ever return to this,

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