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I wonder if there is any edit left from Wakeupkeo that I haven't seen...
Just trying to say to say that I'm a big fan! What Keo has done for the super hero genre in this community is incredible!

When Eternals came out, although I was hyped, I did not like it. It wasn't a movie I wanted to see ever again. It wasn't Thor 4 level bad by any means, but I just didn't like it. When the first fanedits came out, I saw that most of them were focusing on making the story flow chronologically. I thought to myself, was that really the issue? I tried watching the most popular edit and I simply checked out after half an hour or so, it simply did not work for me at all. And then I read what Keo did with his edit and I'm like, huh, this actually makes a lot of sense. And after watching it, I can confirm that it did indeed!

To take the usual staff out of the way, technical wise is almost flawless. The narrative is levels above the original and all the cuts were seamless, you don't miss a thing and nothing feels off or something. There are some small issues with the volume of the songs, as someone else mentioned in his review. Other than that, as always, excellent work!

Story wise, the apostles theme clicked for me instantly. Seeing the movie from that perspective in combination with all the changes that Keo did, elevated the movie to a whole other level. Suddenly everything made more sense, you could see the purpose behind all the characters and the plot was evolving naturally. Be that as it may, unfortunately, this edit did not salvage the movie for me. It is not the editor's fault however, it just seems that nothing can be done for me to really like this film. I did enjoy this edit to a degree, but that's it.

Also, there was another big problem for me and it is something that most reviewers praise. The music..With the exception of some chant like themes (don't know if they are Keo's choice though or from the original), I was annoyed by the music. It was too loud, too on the nose and too often used, it really took me out of the moment.

Other than that, I can't recommend it enough! If you found the original film at least ok or fine and you don't mind the choice of music in this edit, I guarantee you it will be your go-to version of the movie from now on! For me, I'm just done with Eternals..

Thank you Wakeupkeo for all your hard work and thanks to anyone who read my review!

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