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FanMix June 18, 2015 26868
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This is probably the best "3-in-1" prequel edit of Star Wars I've seen attempted. The idea to use the climatic lightsaber duel of the Phantom Menace as a pre-credits scene was a particular stand-out. The editor also achieved a means of conveying all of the important bullet points of Episode II without any of the fandango that encircled it, character motivations are more concise, the romance has no real muddles, and the relevant plot lines unfold without hinderance. The transistion from Clones to Sith is handled sublimeley via a nice music montage of the Clone armada's initial outing through to the battle that opens the third film. There are other nips and tucks I won't spoil but everything comes together more smoothly. Empire Begins is a great watch and I feel more at ease with the prequels now than I've been previously. Take away that old Jazz rift and you're left with a satisfactory song.

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June 25, 2015
Not to be a buzkill but isn't 10/10 on everything a bit TOO perfect? Plan on reviewing this myself so no harm no foul, but not even Adywan or boon get straight A's across the board.
(Updated: June 26, 2015) June 26, 2015
In reply to an earlier comment

Everybody has their own rating scale. If this reviewer felt this was absolutely perfect,
he has a right to rate it as such.
June 26, 2015
In reply to an earlier comment

I've given edits lower scores before, this has everything to do with enjoyment factors and, based off all the other edits I've seen trying to undertake the same format, it's proven the most competent at the task.
3 results - showing 1 - 3

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