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TV-to-Movie October 07, 2022 1872
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This is another very solid superhero edit from the ever reliable Bionic Bob. The differences here have certainly improved the pacing of what was already a very long story - for example, I never for once felt the story drag here, with more or less every scene having some weight of importance to it. Sure, there's still plenty of time for some moments of light relief (after all, who wants a 100% deadly serious Arrowverse show), but none of them feel particularly superfluous.

Admittedly, I'm a bit late to the game on this one, but I really admire the hard work that Bob has gone to in presenting his version of the Crisis storyline, and this verision of Elseworlds certainly acts as the perfect prelude. It really makes you want to start watching is Countdown to Crisis edits immediately afterwards. Coming from someone like me who can easily suffer from superhero fatigue, that's meant as a huge compliment.

On the technical side it's nearly 100% perfect. I did notice a couple of scenes where audio levels did vary - i.e. one scene suddenly has slightly louder dialogue. It's no big deal at all though, and things quickly correct themselves. Bob did an awesome job with the cropping and zooming in to remove the title cards and episode credits. It was so good on my 55 inch TV that I had to check with him to make sure he hadn't discovered an amazing editing tool which could remove titles, but no, it was just skillful cropping.

All in all, an extremely entertaining 2 hours and I feel suitably pumped and excited to enter the Countdown to Crisis! Highly recommended.
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