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Like the last reviewer, I wanted to see Another Earth when it was released but never got around to it. When Beezo released this edit, I chose to watch his version before the theatrical cut so that my first impressions of the movie would come from what I hoped would be the better of the two.

And whaddayaknow. . . I like Beezo's cut much better. The story remains coherent, overly obvious plot/emotional points get dropped into the dumpster, and the only appearance of Earth 2 appears to be in a dream sequence, which satisfies the science geek in me, which would be concerned about a heavenly body so close to Earth 1 fucking up our tides and crust integrity (and reciprocally, Earth 2's, too).

*Schpoiler alert*

I like that this edit is called Earth One, a thoughtful title choice. Its focus is on the characters and events of this planet, and I prefer Beezo's ending, which keeps things grounded, so to speak. The theatrical cut's ending is also interesting, but maybe because I saw Beezo's cut first, I find Beezo's ending a more natural place for the story to end and leaves more to the imagination. Beezo's ending also emphasizes better the theme of forgiveness and provides a bit more hope.

*End schpoiler*

One criticism: the mp4 file I viewed did not contain a commentary track, which could easily have been muxed in. Why should only the DVD and Blu-Ray viewers have all the fun? I would have liked to hear some fanediting insights but must resign myself to imagining (in Tom Servo's voice) why Beezo wants to open the space station airlocks.

Aside from that nitpick, I really enjoyed this fanedit of a really good movie. Because of edits like this, I want to continue, when possible, to see fanedits before cracking open the retail release, to see a better version first.

Enjoyjoy: 10 pelvic aerothrusts.

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