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(Updated: September 02, 2012)
August 28, 2008

I had some trouble in deciding on what to rate this edit. It was great fun seeing these new scenes (only have the theatrical cut on dvd) but at the samer time some of them were really bad.

I really appriciate the effort, and for several parts I found this to be a superior version. But in some parts the new scenes were badly acted (even for this movie!), and the integrated deleted scenes are clearly noticiable, the quality just is less good. I could totally understand why you wanted them in though.

One particular scene I would rather have been without was the one about Paul taking a wife in the end. Compared to what had just occured it just feels a little blah-blah to me. So I find the ending slighty less good than the theatrical version, which is a pity since it is a very powerful moment.

I’m ending up on a weak 4 out of 5 stars. For anyone who likes Dune, this will be well worth the time.
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