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(Updated: January 25, 2014)
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i was torn in whether to write a review for this edit but i've always written a review for every fanedit that i've seen. i must confess that i've never seen the original dune film so i can't compare this edit to the original. i know that david lynch has somewhat disowned the film and had many problems with the studio. i picked up the steel box double sided disc version of this for less than a pond at second hand store (a bargain given the price it sells on ebay) instead of watching either version i decided to watch a fanedited version as it's highly regarded and said to be the best version of the film.

the editing here is of a really high standard and for many dune fans i can see why they appropriate this edit so much. truth is i didn't enjoy the film very much, i am a fan of david lynch and have seen all but a couple of his films but i do feel this to be his weakest yet.

the narrative in splitting the film into four books is well done i felt the first book to be the most difficult in terms of enjoyment but does improve during book II. the deleted scenes are incorporated without disturbing the follow or the movie. they do stick out in terms of quality though i'm sure the editor did the best he could be clean them up.

overall i am glad that i finally watched dune i did struggle to watch this all in one go and i'm sure that fans of the book can view this as a definitive version of the film. it doesn't however feel like a david lynch film and in many ways big budget studio films doesn't suit his style of film making.

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