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(Updated: August 29, 2012)
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Lynch's film can never be the Dune I imagined from my reading, but this has to be the best cinematic version yet. The division into chapters, the choice quotes, the lack of rain at the end (um, belated spoiler alert), the addition of numerous deleted scenes—all these enrich the viewing experience.

The film still contains dialogue explaining the obvious, but that's a shortcoming I attribute to Lynch—ironic, given his usual and usually effective method of having all sorts of funkomatic stuff on screen without corresponding verbal exposition.

I also appreciate the "anamorphic" resizing of the video (I watched the mp4), which looks great on my TV. It looks sharper than the Alternative Edition v2. The version I watched was supposed to contain some a/v divergences, but I didn't notice any.

Paul's eyes didn't turn blue until well into his stay on Arrakis, but that can be corrected in the Ultimate Alternative Edition Full Circle Kwisatz Haderach Reducttape v4.

Seriously, I think Frank Herbert would have raised his cup (of spicy worm juice) to this version more than any other that has come before.
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