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FanMix August 05, 2012 1911
(Updated: September 02, 2012)
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May 5, 2009

An underrated classic gets the remixed by Jorge treatment and is a thrilling ride worth taking.
I always enjoyed the original but this edit really ratchets up the tension and the new aspect ratio provides a more claustrophobic experience which adds to the excitement.
I agree w/ joebshmoe that even more could have probably been cut but what is here works just fine.
The only major omission I noticed was the “cafe rest stop” scene which I enjoyed in the original but its removal doesnt harm the edit and works well to keep the film moving at a faster pace. overall a great job by a great editor.


Entertainment 8/10 I loved it but it doesnt replace my original, rather gives a newer, faster more modern cinema experience.
Editing 10/10 as always, flawless
Video quality 7/10 looked good but this is an older film and the source isnt very crisp. No fault of Jorge but this film could benefit from a new transfer
Audio quality 8/10 sounded great but could benefit from a remaster.
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