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Brief Synopsis:
On 30th October 2014 BBC3 screened a new version of Nicholas Winding Refn's 2011 film 'Drive' with an all-new score of original music. It was curated by Radio 1 DJ Zane Lowe with the full co-operation of the Director. So it's one of those rare "Official Fanedits".

Zane Lowe has insisted that it's not meant to be an improvement on the original, only an alternate take while Refn has stated "You can't own creativity. Rather than say 'Drive' is mine, I'd prefer to say it's everyone else's". Good idea or not, it's a brave experiment, so Lowe and his pick of artists deserve points for having the bottle to even attempt this in the first place.

To preserve this alternate 'Drive' soundtrack, as it was only available to stream for one-week-only and then only for UK viewers. I've aslo taken the opportunity to match the audio to a better image from the official Blu-Ray.

Special Thanks:
Thanks to Zane Lowe and all the artists involved for working on this cool project but most of all, thanks to Nicholas Winding Refn for allowing them to do it!

Also thanks to 'Signal Noise' (aka designer James White) for creating the sweet poster that I've based the cover on.
Release Information:
  • DVD
  • Digital
Special Features
25fps 1280x536 MP4
25fps 720x576 dvd (Animated menus and chapter/song selection)

Both with dual audio-streams:

1. Radio 1 Rescores
2. Original Soundtrack (Pitch-shifted BBC version)
Editing Details:
- Extracted both audio streams
- Converted 23.976023fps Blu-Ray video to 25fps to match the streaming version
- Made a few trims
- Muxed all three together

Cuts and Additions:
- Added Fanedit intro
- Added Zane Lowe's introduction to the original screening
- Removed several studio logos from the Blu-Ray footage to match the streaming version
- Adjusted 'Icon' logo fade-length to match the streaming version
- Removed and recut ending credits to match the streaming version

New Soundtrack Running Order:

00.03.24 - Pryda - Sequence One
00.10.13 - CHVRCHES - Get Away
00.25.07 - The 1975 - Medicine
00.32.03 - Foals - Howl (Supermoon)
00.34.10 - The Neighbourhood - Pretty Boy
00.39.43 - SBTRKT - Untitled
00.50.00 - Bring Me The Horizon (Ft. Orifice Vulgatron) - Don't Look Down
00.54.10 - BANKS - Meditation Song
01.01.57 - Baauer - Hammer Time
01.08.48 - Laura Mvula - Mellow Man
01.10.45 - The Neighbourhood - Shannon
01.19.30 - Bastille - The Driver
01.22.46 - ZZC (aka Simon Neil) - Borganza
01.25.12 - ZZC (aka Simon Neil) - To The Bone
(Plus additional soundtrack arrangements throughout by Jon Hopkins)
Cover art by TM2YC (DOWNLOAD HERE) image


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