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i really enjoyed dredd and while i've never read any of the comics i do enjoy the hard hitting violence of the film that reminds of the action films i saw back in the 80's. rogues shortened version of the film runs at just over 30mins, it never lets up in terms of action and it's amazing how so much footage can be deleted without ever hindering the flow and pace of the edit.

my only two problems i have with the edit is one how the edit is spilt into two, i felt it wasn't needed. just as your getting into the film it suddenly stops, though the end title to part one and the opening credits to part two may only take a minute or two it is distracting. however i understand were rogue is coming from this being a super 8 version without the effects. however i feel without this it could have played out better as more of a tv episode, however you do get right back into the edit.

the second problem is when dredd and anderson meet up again just seems a little to sudden though this has been discussed in the forum and it's probably just a case of the editor having to work with the footage he has. this of course may play out better if and when the edit gets the super 8 treatment.

rogue is one of the best when it comes to shortening feature length films and while i enjoy his super 8 fanedits i'm glad that this doesn't have the extra gimmicks and effects we usually see. the edit perfectly holds it's own and for those who own a copy of dredd this is a welcome alternative.

overall this is a very enjoyable edit not as good as the original though i feel this wasn't the editors intent, instead it's perfect for when your out and about and want to watch a edit on your chosen device.

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