Doom: Olduvai

Doom: Olduvai
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"No One Gets Out Alive."
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Brief Synopsis:
Something has gone wrong in a research facility on Mars, and the staff are becoming something unimaginable. All research has ceased and the facility has been placed in quarantine. Dr. Samantha Grimm have called in an elite squad of soldiers led by Sarge and includes Samantha's twin brother, John Grimm. No one is safe inside. As the team advance through the facility, and as they are picked off one-by-one, Dr. Grimm has one question: What exactly has caused this?
To remove all the unnecessary dialogue throughout the movie to speed up the pace as well as bring a more serious tone and to make the movie worthy of being called Doom. I will also try to add things that bring back some nostalgia for many people that played the original games including myself.
Release Information:
Cuts and Additions:
Changed intro
Cut squad in the room
Cut Portman's joke to The Kid
Trimmed Sarge talking to his squad
Cut Sarge & Reaper talking
Cut Sarge saying "you hesitate, people die"
Cut Goat & Duke talking to The Kid
Trimmed squad before they travel
Cut dialogue between Goat & Duke
Cut Portman being a creep
Dut Duke saying "hello Samantha"
Cut dialogue between Sarge, Reaper & Samantha
Cut squad listening to recording
Cut Portman's employee with a gun line
Cut dialogue between Mack & Pinky
Cut Sarge & Duke walking the corridors
Cut Goat & Portman in Genetics
Cut Destroyer & The Kid finding the bloody shirt
Cut Goat & Portman finding the holding cell
Trimmed Sarge & Duke in the armory
Cut The Kid shooting at the pipes
Trimmed dialogue between Reaper & Samantha
Trimmed Goat & Portman in Carmacs office
Cut Portman giving drugs to The Kid
Cut Goat knocking over container and cutting himself
Trimmed Samantha & Duke with Carmac
Cut Destroyer and Sarge killing the monkey
Cut Portman falling in the hole
Cut Reapers dialogue with The Kid
Cut Samantha & Duke dialogue
Cut Portmans reinforcements dialogue
Cut Dukes nano wall dialogue
Cut Reapers family memory
Cut Portman talking about the ark blowing up
Trimmed Goat killing himself
Cut Samanthas turning dialogue
Cut Portman & Pinky dialogue
Changed BFG colour to green
Rescored first person scene
Changed BFG colour to green
Rescored credits

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