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FanMix August 05, 2012 2699
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The original Donnie Brasco is a solid film with strong performances from Depp & Pacino, but was a bit bogged down by the agent plotline - which I mostly didn't mind, and felt added some tension to certain scenes - and the family life plotline - which feature the unbearable character of Maggie. Adabisi has removed these scenes entirely, resulting in a more interesting film. While the narrative pace is a little inconsistent, and sometimes you can feel something is missing between scenes, the end product is overall very enjoyable, more so than the original film.

Regarding the narrative, my main critique, as some others have mentioned, is that the scene where Donnie sees the magazine with the boat on it should've been cut, along a lingering shot of Donnie looking nervous when the rat is discussed, and the scene where Donnie is brought out the car at gunpoint for seemingly no reason other than to mislead the audience.

Technically speaking, the edit was mostly good, only a couple rough audio transitions I noticed, and there seemed to be a slight audio delay throughout.

Overall, a very strong edit of a film I thought was already good to begin with. Not just a FanMix, but a FanFix too in my eyes.
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