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This fanedit is now a very nice old fashioned adventure movie.
As the title of the first version of this edit said: it is really Doc SaLvaged.
Being a faneditor myself, I rarely try to make a very bad movie better. I usualy prefer to change it into something else. Part because I find it fun. But also part because I know that turning a very bad movie into something good while staying somehow true to the original is VERY difficult.
This edit succeed in doing that. I know it was a hard labor of love to complete this work, but Slark stayed focused on his goal and the result is a surprising good old movie.

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Owner's reply November 22, 2012

Reviews from all quarters are, of course, always welcome. But there's a special feeling attached to getting a positive review from those who've sat - with distinction - in the editor's chair.

So thank you, TMBTM, and a special thanks to Neglify, LastSurvivor, and BionicBob for their reviews. And thanks to all of you for your own contributions to the world of fanediting!

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