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It's a great fanedit that makes it a true and worthy sequel to the classic Jurassic Park movie and I especially like the title of the movie most of all because I am a fan of that video game that shares the same title and honestly feel like they have made that into a movie instead of these unnecessary sequels that unfortunately feels like they are beating a dead horse but I think they tried to do that but it ended up becoming that monster hunter movie instead(by the makers of the resident evil movies). I actually watched the two movies together and this one is honestly as good as the original. The only main complaint I have is audio which isn't great almost mono-like yet serviceable but can sometimes be hard to hear especially in loud situations which I assume was to match the sound quality of the deleted scenes to make the scenes transition well as he did with the visuals but you can still tell it is when those scenes come on though I don't really mind since deleted scenes never sounded that great in general, to begin with.

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