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April 13, 2009

Its been a long time since watching Die Hard 2 prior to this edit. It probably wasnt long after the movie was released. I remember enjoying the film for the most part, but didn’t really remember much, aside from some scenes that were memorable to me for some reason (throat slashing in truck, icicle in the eye & magazines full of blanks). I was pretty excited to watch this edit, with no expectations. After I started the DVD, the movie stylings of the late 80s and early 90s started to rush back to me. I could tell, why I didn’t remember the movie that well.

The editing here was VERY well done. No hard cuts whatsoever, and I could not tell that this had been fanedited (especially since I have not seen the movie in a while). The removal of William Atherton’s character was a great move. I would have liked to have seen a few more cheezy lines gone. Especially from Denis Franz’s character, and the janitor guy, but all in all, great job in toning down some cheese, and tightening it up.
Editing: 10 of 10
Entertainment: 7 of 10 (and after realizing what has been removed, I would probably rate the original a 5 or 6 now. So while this is still no masterpiece, its a fun action crime flick. For those of you that are really into this genre, you will get a big kick out of it)

Image & Video Quality
Image quality was great. The additions to the credits were really nice too, and it looked like they were a part of the original
Video Quality: 10 of 10

Audio Editing & Audio Quality
It was seamless to me. I could not hear any hard cuts at all, and it sounded fine on my system (which is just a stereo system, so I never get too anal about surround).
Audio Quality: 10 of 10
Audio Editing: 10 of 10

Cool DVD. It comes with menu transitions, and animated menus. Nice work. We also get another elbarto1 DVD cover. No DVD extras, but everything else was great
Presentation: 9 of 10

Final Result: 9 of 10 for me
A cool watch for me, and I could not tell at all that this was a fanedit. So, as I mentioned above, as this is still no masterpiece, I think it is really well done, and it is an improvement over the original. I will happily watch elbarto1′s fanedits in the future :)
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