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FanMix June 18, 2015 5987
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This edit is in B&W, but oddly enough it works to a degree. I don't know if I can honestly say that - as an independent film - it works on its own merit because I know Alien and Prometheus so well that I'm able to have certain background info which may give me some further advantage in understanding the story, but regardless, the film as a whole is very interesting. It flips back and forth almost like a comparison between the two films, and they work side-by-side to tell a very similar united story. The black and white helps it feel like a singular film since the color tone, tech, and look of the two separately is obviously different. It's amazing to see how in sync the two films are with each other, almost beat-for-beat...for the first half ish.

Unfortunately, it exposes a little bit of the lack of continuity between them as well, and the idea starts to wear a little thin once the two films start to differ (ie. when the shit hits the fan). The last half of this edit makes me remember why both films work better independently - because they're different stories with different purposes and themes, as as such, I think they deserve to be separate. though, it was neat to see the comparison between the two in their first halves. They're very similar.

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