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March 14, 2009

The Deer Hunter: Skinned by Psyklax

Someone offered me this particular deer that was skinned down removing most of the fat, what was left was pure heavenly bliss (or so I was told since I do not eat meat).

The Deer Hunter: Skinned took a “classic” film and removed most of the fluff. Truth be told I have not seen the Deer Hunter in many years. From what I can recall was that though a good and well written film, some of it just seemed a little boring, bordering on dragging. Then again I was very young when I had originally seen this and I am sure most of it might have gone over my head. Then again maybe I was right on track since the editor made the decision to cut this film down. Taking that into account when watching this edit now, I think the theatrical version needs another viewing. I am positive both can be fully appreciated and stand on their own as well as side by side

This edit kills roughly 45 mins of the film. In such a film as this I had to wonder how this would still manage. The lesser footage is not missed and in turn the editor brought out the more powerful scenes and story to the forefront while still maintain enough characterization that you actually give a damn. The later half of the film is still as emotionally strong as ever and moves you when viewing.

It is rare indeed when you can take away so much from what some would call one of the best after effects of Vietnam films ever made, and still accomplish the task of keeping it a structured and coherent film though much shorter. Thanks again for the edit.

A lovely bonus feature is commentary by Psyklax himself. At times while viewing and when curious about certain scenes I would flick the audio back and forth.

Other notes: edits are near perfect without noticing anything in video or audio. This is also PAL format

9 stars
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