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As a fellow Halloween fan, I'm always interested when Ryantology approaches a new Halloween fanedit. His take on Halloween 2018 is an edit I should have got around to watching ages ago, but finally I've corrected that error and boy am I glad I did.

I should first point out that I do have problems with Halloween 2018. It's a great looking film, with an excellent score, but some of the script and story choices leave a lot to be desired for me. Now, I'm not pretending that Ryantology has completed reversed those problems, but his choices of what to cut and where to cut, are pretty much flawless for me.

Firstly, the removal of the most ill-fitting of the humour is most welcome. It improves the feel and flow of the film no-end, even if I still think even further trims could have been made - but that's just personal choice ultimately. Another issue for me has always been the character of Laurie's daughter, Karen -she drives me nuts and I almost want Michael to kill her most of the time she's on screen. I am therefore very thankful for the removal of the scene where Laurie breaks into Karen's home - of course Laurie too can be a bit annoying in this film, so excising this made me happy.

Other pluses include the removal of the final shouting of the line "say something" before the credits start. I never liked that, and this works so much better. The removal of Sartain putting on Michael's mask is superbly done... I would never have know any different. Loved the added breathing sound effects - jus made me smile and it strengthens the bond this film has with Carpenter's original. Oh and thank the lord the Bahn Mi sandwich scene is heavily trimmed.

I have to admit I wasn't too sure on the decision to cut the whole hunter and his son stumbling on the crash, just mainly because I love how that scene is shot and it's genuinely creepy. Having said that, it still works perfectly well without it.

All in all, this is an excellent edit and Ryantology should be congratulated for creating a much better version of the film. Alas, I still have problems with the film, but that's kind of in its DNA and can't be solved for me. Other than that, exemplary work and highly recommended to any Halloween fan.
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