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FanFix March 27, 2017 2497
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Being a huge fan of Raimi's version of Darkman, I was very interested in seeing an alternate cut.
Overall, many of the changes are not immediately noticeable. I say that as a positive. Most of the cuts work and I really enjoyed the change to black and white.
Are suggestions supposed to be made here? I'm still new.
I think you did a great job, tightened up some parts and the continuity fixes were definitely welcome. I think cutting the funeral was a wise choice, however, I think a longer hold on the black screen could be more effective. That felt a bit abrupt. The only other thing that I remember (because, again, I really enjoyed this) was cutting Peyton seeing and approaching Julie on the street. It was an emotional scene that was handled well and I don't think seeing the building, instead, really gives him the motivational push being unable to communicate with Julie did.
Again, I really enjoyed this version and I look forward to trying out more, in the future.
Thanks for your hard work!

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