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FanMix July 30, 2012 3806
(Updated: March 04, 2022)
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Video is a bit low quality, dialogue is muffled. Still watchable though. Very well edited, both video and audio - seamless throughout.

Pace is a lot higher than in the original early on due to cutting and reordering of scenes - about 23 minutes has been cut in total - although I'm a little unclear on why some things were moved. Additionally, some of the clues have been removed, and the edit increase the mystery surrounding the Strangers by showing less of them early on. It's also important to note that this edit removes the awful narration from the beginning - before the Extended Cut did it one year later.

I personally preferred the slower pace of the DC, which fits better with the noir mood of the film, whilst this one feels more like a thriller at times. The slower build up and suspense in the original made the reveal more cathartic, whilst the impact is somewhat lessened in my opinion by moving through events a little quicker and spending less time on character development. This isn't completely Jorge's fault as the TC had 11 minutes less material than the DC released in 2008. Additionally, I don't feel the rescores matched the mood of the film.

All in all, if you found Dark City boring or too slow, then this edit will redeem it for you, whilst if you enjoyed the slower pace of the noir-esque Director's Cut, I'd stick with that version. Either way, don't watch the Theatrical Cut!
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