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(Updated: August 29, 2012)
May 14, 2009

I was really waiting for this…mainly downloading time=). I wasn’t expecting anythin. I waited to see it and make my own opinion. Of course high rating of this FE made me looking forward even more.

The storytelling was awesome. Removed subplots didn’t missed. In the middle of the movie I was really confused. With mess you made in chronologic would able it and you’ve done well. Technically (authoring, compression, sound) is with one word PERFECT. No hard a/v cuts.

Great stuff(over the other “usual” great=):
1) Removing of car explosion when Two-Face kills Maroni’s driver.
2) Highway chase, trimming helicopter fall.
3) Thanks for letting speech at Harvey’s party (I like Bale’s speeches when he talks like drung=)
4) Ending at right time and right place.
5) Scientist-clowns scene

There were only few things I didn’t like
1) bank robbery – blur effect. It wasn’t necessary to use it and sorry I really don’t like it.
2) When they take body to Gambol’s there are few moments where is coloured more in picture than Joker’s face and it doesn’t look like intention/idea.

Few advices and opinions for upgrad:
1) Court scene could be shortened in the end.
2) Try remove cheesy lines. Art shouldn’t be created to liked by everyone.
3) Cut Rachel/Bruce dialog at Harvey’s party

If I remember anything more, I’ll write.
After all you made great edit with new idea, storytelling and importance of each character. This is completely new. For reviewing it would be even better see this earlier than original movie.
If you wanna to make HD revision, I’ll help.

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