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At first I found it hard to tell if this was edited mainly because the vast majority of the cuts and edits between scenes and dialogue were so clean as such I than watched the theatrical cut afterwards to see what had been taken out than watched this edit again and despite some plot points such as the unraveling of Gordon’s concealed secret of Harvey Dent’s true nature at the hands and voice of Bane being cast out of continuity the film flows really well maintaining the escalating chaos of Gotham's reckoning.

The exclusion of other plot related elements and the alteration of others greatly improved characterisation and intelligence as Bane now being the child bestows this iteration of the character with more inhumanity, comic book accuracy and independence, removing that awful attempt at a subversive plot twist. This film was definitely an example of why certain tropes should be played straight rather than subverted, averted or deconstructed. The removal of his few lines of sympathy and curiosity help to establish, enhance and maintain his reputation as a tyrannical visionary with delusions of grandeur.

On both the IMAX showings and the officially released DVD & Blurey there was a huge vocal audio disparity between him and the rest of the cast as while everyone else sounded normal he sounded way to loud, thankfully DonkeyKonga has resolved said issue and Bane's voice is now much easier on the ears even during scenes where he's shouting and emitting his frenzied battle grunts.

I do think the compliment on the child's voice should have been removed as it makes it sound like he as some small form of appreciation for Gotham when his whole mantra is about destroying Gotham both figuratively and literally, continuing on the subject of characters this version of Commissioner Gordon is definitely an improvement thanks to the removal of his guilt tripping and the fact he essentially figures out that Bruce Wayne and Batman are one and the same well before the final act thanks to some clever dialogue manipulation.

Though there are a few things I felt could have been cut with the first two being Selina Kyle's and Miranda Tate's expressions during the final portions of Gotham's chaos though as to why, for Selina the moment after she blows up the blockade telegraphs that she’s going to stay and fight for Gotham or more specifically Bruce which diminishes some of the tension during the second Batman and Bane fight where as excluding said scene would have made her sudden return more impactful and less obvious, as for the case for Miranda Tate's expression.

It telegraphs to early and easily that she’s in control of the whole situation and will soon backstab Bats when her personal connections and infiltrations to both his company and his compassion are much more subtle and carefully placed hints as to her true nature and intentions though the removal of the sex scene between her and Bruce in one of the files not only improved the pacing but said removal was hardly noticeable with the switch between the scene of Wayne putting down the picture frame and Blake visiting Gordon in the hospital flowing seamlessly.

The third and final thing that I think should have been removed were the scenes hinting at Bruces survival as the idea of the Caped Crusader dying in a heroic sacrifice and the sombre scenes that follow would have made for a much more emotionally impactful ending and a great way to symbolise the end of the trilogy as well as Christopher Nolan's involvement with the Batman film franchise, the other reason I say this is because there are to many hints to suggest that Bruce isn't dead such as Alfred's dream he mentioned earlier in the film and him looking over to what is intended to be an unknown figure across the cafe.

Otherwise the emphasis on ambiguity pertaining to the Dark Knights fate is definitely a step up from the theoretical cut both narratively and visually and speaking of visuals I found that there was a bit of an inconsistency with the footage ratio as some parts of said footage bore black bars beneath and above it where as other portions of the footage did not though the placement and usage of text for ‘’The Dark Knight Ascends’’ perfectly matches that of the films and enters and leaves the presence of the screen at just the right time though I wish it had replaced ‘’The Dark Knight Rises’’ text at the end of the credits.

Initially I found that the audio of the first part of the intro veered towards the right ear and a little bit of the centre rather than being heard from both sides of the ears but has since been amended so that it now flows and sounds like traditional and authentic 5.1 Surround Sound and despite some nitpicks I can honestly say that I throughly enjoyed your take on Christopher Nolan’s third and possibly final entry in the Dark Knight Trilogy.

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June 14, 2023
Early test audiences had a really hard time associating Bane's voice with the character on screen, so they cranked it to 11 before release. It was booming and omnidirectional in the theatre, and that's equally true of the home release. DonkeyKonga's version is a perfect match to the Bluray (that nonetheless has the issue you point out; I'm not contesting that). Personally, it doesn't bother me, though after watching more recent things like The Mandalorian, which should have had the same problem, you can't help but wonder why it was such a big deal.
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