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This is something I hoped someone would do eventually. Catferoze provides two versions, I watched the main edit, as opposed to the workprint. Visual quality is great. Audio quality sometimes dips due to what sources are available. I do think more work could be done to help this though, such as using more elements from the theatrical cut when dialogue isn't being spoken, or more audio rebuilding with only the actual skeksis dialogue poking out. Whereas here most of the audio from the lower quality version of the scene is retained. That being said, it's clear that work has been done to make this work in a surround sound context and rescoring work helps to make some of the lower quality elements sit better. The effort is there and it comes across well, I just think there's room for more to be done.

Really appreciate the inclusion of subtitles for skeksis dialogue, although it comes across like a copy and paste job. There are moments where the subtitles are showing piles of dialogue when there isn't any being spoken. So while I imagine it's an accurate representation of the English audio dialogue, it doesn't work very well for watching with Skeksis dialogue.

I've always found Dark Crystal frustrating. Wonderful music and visual worldbuilding. Really great atmosphere. Terrible story, lame protagonist, unnecessary narration. This edit is great for those that want tweaks here and there to bring things closer to Henson's vision, and I would definitely take it over the theatrical cut. I would also like to see a version that is one day more brutal, allowing for a more atmospheric experience and minimal dialogue. That's another ball game though. This is a good option for purists.

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