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(Updated: December 26, 2013)
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i never saw the theatrical version of daredevil but what i hear was that it wasn't very good and the extended version was a improvement. i've only ever seen this once and that was a good 5 years ago so i can't really compare this fanedited version to the extended cut. all i will say is that uncanny antman abilities as a faneditor are of a very high standard as the cuts and changes throughout the edit are done really well with no harsh cuts to be seen nor heard

the edit however i do feel suffers from having to much cut thus the edit has a feeling much like the theatrical version that the studio has interfered with the film. an example would be the relationship between matt and Elektra they meet at a coffee shop to which elektra walks away without acknowledging matt to much, the next scene they share together is a romantic date. it just smacks as something being cut that would tie the two scenes together. this i feel is a problem throughout the edit, i didn't feel the elektra character was developed enough, it just seemed all of a sudden she's an ass kicking heroin out for revenge.

overall i'm not a huge fan of the daredevil character i'd give the extended version a 7/10 though as i mentioned it has been a while since i saw it and so i maybe a little generous. i don't feel this edit improves on that version but it is a extremely well put together edit that for me the overall narrative suffers from to much being cut.

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