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WARNING!!! This review WILL contain SPOILERS!!!!

First off, I am one of those few who actually LOVES the Director's Cut of DAREDEVIL. For me, while a bit uneven (playground scene, poor CGI) at times, it is a very engaging and entertaining movie that is respectful of its comic book origins. Maybe this is why I am so forgiving of this movie, as it's heart is in the right place. Yeah, the CGI action is crazy, physics defying, over the top but it is still tame to the regular ninja acrobatics of the monthly comic.... and for me, I guess that is the point, this is a comic book universe, not the real world, and this is what I want out of most comic book movies.

With that said, welcome to the Daredevil universe as envisioned by the Uncanny Antman! It is a dark, gritty, dangerous place filled with great character development, polished action scenes and tighter, smarter storytelling.

Where to begin? So much good stuff, so foregive me if this review is very random....

The SHIELD Briefing Menu design is inspired! LOVED it!!!
Great bonus materials!

The new opening credits that hint as Matt Murdock's training to become Daredevil (something the original movie never explained) was brilliant. I love the use of Stick from the Elektra movie and clever use of footage from the Forbidden Kingdom.

The post-end credit scene was spot on and fits nicely with the other Marvel movies.

What struck me most about this fan edit is it does not just try to fix things, it actually subtly and cleverly changes the tone and dynamic of many key scenes and thus creating a very different story from the original or director's cut. The relationships Matt has with characters like Urich, Fisk and Bullseye are all very different. Urich is no longer trying to unmask the vigilante or even suspects Matt. Bullseye, while still psychotic, is more professional and has no vendetta against Daredevil (no "you made me miss") and Kingpin is no longer the killer of Matt's father (or is he?). And it all works wonderfully. The tone and mood it creates is completely unique and adds a freshness to the story where I was actually uncertain what was going to happen next.

I really liked how Antman has sculpted the story to be truer to the comic source material from the cutting of Subway killing scene to the keeping of Matt's mom the nun. For me, in terms of character, this felt much closer to the Daredevil I used to read. Thank you for that Antman.

The biggest change is the removal of the final confrontation between Daredevil and Bullseye and I gotta admit it, this one shocked me. But in the new context of the story, it makes sense. Bullseye is just a paid hitman who has vanished into the darkness. How is Daredevil going to find him? Besides he knows who is ultimately responsible for Elektra's death -- Kingpin. And being the most powerful man in New York, he is easy to find. So yes, it works and makes sense but I must admit it left me feeling a bit unsatisfied that justice had not been fully done. I kept hoping there would be a post credit scene with Daredevil confronting Bullseye... alas... no....

There is so much amazing editing going on in this edit! I loved the recut of Daredevil jumping off the roof and kicking Bullseye off the motorcycle!!! In fact, Antman has made the best possible use out of the many poorly rendered CGI fx -- he uses just enough to suggest the action without it seeming to be laughable. Great stuff!

The new audio work is exceptional! All the new music worked very well for me, it never felt injected or forced. Bon Jovi, eh?

The only scene that felt a bit too awkward, is the last one of Matt returning to his apartment after defeating Kingpin and touching his Dad's boxing gloves. I love the idea of it, but I wish the scene could have held and lingered somehow a few moments longer... it just felt almost too brief to be a proper scene thus the emotional impact does not quite have time to register.... but maybe that is just me.

Overall, this edit is MARVELOUS! It is an exceptional achievement both technically and artistically. Antman proves himself to be a master storyteller. Stan the Man would be proud!

I could go and go and praise this edit, but honestly, no words I have will do it justice. One just has to sit back with a bowl of popcorn and hit play on the remote and let this movie entertain you as all great movies do.

Again, thank you Antman for an absolutely FANTASTIC FAN EDIT!

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