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I've seen this one before a few years ago, and came back to see Daredevil in all its cheesy glory. UA has done an excellent job here at removing a lot of the fluff, unnecessary scenes and cringe to leave a stronger, darker film.

A/V Quality: DVD quality. Dialogue was sometimes not that clear on my stereo TV.
Editing: Superb. I did not notice any of the cuts, visual or audio. Very well done.

Narrative: Clear throughout. I feel that a bit too much was cut from the legal subplot involving Joe Pantoliano, as I wasn't completely following what was going on there. The final duel between Daredevil & Bullseye was cut, however I now agree with this decision as looking back on it, it wasn't necessary, and there was no reason for Bullseye to stick around.

In addition, the intro is very well crafted, and the DVD extras are hilarious.

Overall, this is an excellent edit that manages to cut a whopping 40 minutes from Daredevil yet remain coherent and enjoyable. Strong recommend.
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