Crystal Lake Memories: The Friday the 13th Compendium

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My main Intentions were to remove any reference to things that have been removed from my edits of the films, making this version of the documentary work with my [raymix] series. I've also removed some filler & odd comments.
I wanted to make a version of the documentary that works with my Friday the 13th [raymix] series.
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-Crystal Lake Memories- The Complete History of Friday the 13th (RLJ Bluray, 2017)
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Editing Details:
I didn't want anything to seem changed at all, so I stuck to the documentarian style used.
Cuts and Additions:
Opening Titles
-added the logo.
-added my production logo.
-stabilized the fake gateweave on the production credits.
-added the subtitle "The Friday the 13th Compendium."
-removed the "campfire story" wraparound.
-cut the series overview intro.
Creating Pt. 1
-cut the info about Cunningham's eary soft-core pornos.
-cut the part about killing the snake.
-cut the bit about the ending hospital scene.
-many other small trims throughout.
Creating Pt. 2
-added "Chapter 2" to the title.
-cut the bit about Jason being dead at end end of Pt.1
-cut the part about the original opening with Alice.
-cut the pervy comments about Kirsten Baker.
-cut the erronious report that the wrong side of the machette was used.
-cut the part about the pee under the bed.
-many other small trims throughout.
Creating Pt. 3
-cut some of the talk about the 3D gimick.
-cut mention of the crazy old man.
-cut the scripts sexual abuse implications.
-cut everybody taking credit for the mask.
-removed discussion about Debbie being pregnant.
-cut the part about the dream-ending.
-many other small trims throughout.
Creating Pt. 4
-added "Chapter 4" to the title.
-cut the part about the roadside graves scene.
-cut the talk about timeline continuity errors.
-cut the alternate ideas for Jason's death.
-many other small trims throughout.
Creating Pt. 5
-new title: "Copy Cat Killer".
-cut the part about the 'chicken scene'.
-cut the paramedic calling the kids a "bunch of pussies."
-cut the singing in the outhouse.
-cut the bit about Tiffany Helm's original death scene.
-cut the bit about the continuity with the sweater.
-cut Shavar Ross saying Reggie's red jacket was the "Blood of Jesus".
-cut the part about the "Possesed Tommy" ending.
-cut all the shade being thrown at the film.
-many other small trims throughout.
Creating Pt. 6
-cut shade being thrown at Pt.5.
-cut the part about the James Bond intro.
-cut some parts about returning Jason to his "resting place".
-cut the bit about writting "The Man Behind the Mask".
-VERY MANY other cuts throughout.
Creating Pt. 7
-altered the colors of the title sequence.
-cut the bit about trying to get FvJ made.
-cut comments about an unclear timeline.
-removed the errounious report that Susan Jennifer Sullivan is dead.
-cut comments about "FriGay the 13th".
-cut the section about the original ending.
-cut the part about a "final girls" sequel.
-added a clip about how Hugh Jackman wants to play Jason.
-many other small trims throughout.
Creating Pt. 8
-cut the bit about competition from the NoES series.
-cut the info about Jason resurecting via electrocution.
-cut mention of an inconsistant timeline.
-cut everything about Jason turning back into a child.
-many other trims throughout.
Creating JGtH
-cut the bit with the girl who played the baby.
-cut the part about the shaving scene.
-VERY MANY other cuts throughout.
Creating JX
-cut the producers throwing shade at the Leprechaun & Hellraiser movies.
-cut the part about K.M. wanting fake boobs.
-VERY MANY other cuts throughout.
Creating FvJ
-cut some info about the unmade drafts.
-cut the producer throwing shade at the pervious films.
-cut some of the complaining about Kane not playing Jason.
-cleared up that Jason is NOT afraid of water in the film.
-cut shade being thrown at the film.
-cut the part about comics.
-many other trims throughout.
Creating F13 '09
-new title & title card.
-cut the part about "is it a reboot or a remake or a whatever".
-cut the part about the original actress for Amanda.
-cut the part about the reshot/official version of the Mask scene.
-cut the bit about the stupid dialog during the sex scene.
-cut the part about the jump-scare ending.
-cut the part about "remake backlash".
-many other trims throughout.
Reflections & End Credits
-altered colors of the tite sequence.
-new title: "Reflections".
-MANY many trims & cuts to the cast & crew reminiscing.
-removed the "campfire story" wraparound.
-cropped out the actors reciting dialog during the end credits.
-changed the end credits music to Pt. 3 Theme [raymix] & Pt. 1 Main Theme.
-added clips of Victor Miller & John Shepard to post-credits.
-added my production logo to the end.

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