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Bob does it again with this DC edit. I’ve not seen the original X-Crisis since it first aired, but watching this made me happy to see how much this event still holds up. The action is great, the character interaction is wonderful, & a certain swan song still got the waterworks going

Moreso, this edit specifically is great in that it manages to ever so slightly condense the plot with not a lot missing. That said, some things do still stick out. When Sara & Alex decide to go to the wedding, I still feel there needs to be a fade from the breach portal to transition to Earth-1. From then on, the edit does have anything that stands out until the final part of the crossover.

You can tell because once Ray Palmer rescues Supergirl, you can see the words “Special Guest Star” in the lower right-hand corner. I also find the cut to black after Stein dies, only to then cut back to the scene & then transition to a montage of the League mourning the loss of Stein. It might be better if Jax crying once Stein dies is at the start of the montage, with Sara mourning him placed right before Jax sees Stein’s family.

The last pacing thing that bugged me is when after Supergirl (or was it Sara?) says “let’s go kick some ass” on the Waverider, it cuts to the Reichrider firing guns on the people of Central City. The problem is that since both ships look alike, it almost comes across like the Waverider our heroes are on is firing on the citizens, which just feels weird. Maybe pull in an establishing shot of Central City from another episode to slow the pace down.

Lastly, Sara & Alex. I understand that with fanedits, especially tv-to-movie edits, you need to kill your darlings, but their development from the original event was just unique. Watching two characters who’d otherwise never meet get to have such a fun dynamic was a delight (“How’s your butt,” anyone?), & I hope we get an “Ultimate Edition” of this edit that inserts their scenes back in.

Regardless, this edit is great, & everyone should watch it.

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