Crank: The SOS Cut

Crank: The SOS Cut
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2006 and 2009
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Brief Synopsis:
Crank: The SOS Cut is a faster paced cut down version of the original two films. In this edit I mainly remove multiple characters and shorten conversations so it sticks purely to the action,
Even though the film is very heavily reliant on just action, I wanted to see how much I could minimise the character development and yet still keeping the same narrative.
Other Sources:
15 Step By Radiohead
Special Thanks:
Thank you to all the editors who had an early version to this edit and left me feedback and thank you macmilln for the awesome poster and also thanks to jswert123456 for the cool blu=ray cover.
Release Information:
Special Features
As the original two films have different colouring I tried using colour corrector by fading it in slowly so the colour doesn't change as much when it transitions into the next film.
Cuts and Additions:
Removed Lionsgate Productions from the beginning
Trimmed Ricky Verona on the TV injecting the Beijing cocktail
Added a blur effect to transition to another scene
Removed A Slow motion shot of Chev destroying the TV as it looked very amateur
Removed Chev attempting to ring Eve
Trimmed Chev leaving the house
Removed a shot of Chev's heart slowing down
Trimmed the conversation between him and Kaylo
Trimmed Chev confronting Orlando
Removed Chev's line saying "I'm gonna kick some black ass"
Removed Chev screaming at the taxi driver to get away from the police
Added another blur effect to transition into the next scene
Trimmed Chev robbing the store
Removed Googles map view of Carlito's Penthouse
Trimmed Chev and Carlito talking
Removed Chev freaking out and throwing a table
Trimmed people attacking the taxi driver
Removed Chev walking into the bar
Trimmed the fight with Ricky Verona's brother
Added blur effect to transition to the hospital scene
Removed scene with Chev taking the Nasal spray and pushing over equipment
Trimmed Chev in the hospital room
Removed a shot of Chev running down some stairs
Trimmed Chev taking the epinephrine
Removed the news report
Removed the random stranger seeing Chev's hard-on (I feel they are trying to be funny in this scene, but personally I just don't find it funny)
Removed the whole motorbike scene
Removed Ricky Verona seeing his dead brothers hand
Trimmed Chev talking to Eve
Removed scene where Chev flips Eve's bag
Trimmed Chev telling Eve about the Chinese poison
Removed Chev taking the weird drugs
Trimmed him going to the rooftop
Trimmed the guy falling off the roof
Removed Chev's slow motion shot walking through the street
Removed News report
Trimmed ending fight
Trimmed Chev throwing Ricky Verona out the helicopter
Removed the news scene
Removed Eddie spitting in his stomach
Removed the women doctor
Removed Chev walking through the hallway
Trimmed Chev outside
Trimmed Chev hi-jacking the car
Removed him driving away
Removed Chev attempting to steal a car
Removed the entrance to the strip club
Removed Eddie getting beaten up
Trimmed Eve and Chev kissing
Trimmed the shoot-out in the strip club
Removed Chev talking to the guy on the floor
Trimmed the fight with the police
Trimmed the car scene
Trimmed dog scene
Removed the timestamp that reads "9 seconds later" (no need for this at all)
Removed Chev rubbing his arm against a stranger
Trimmed Chev chasing Eddie
Removed Kaylo from the whole Don Kim scene
Removed Chev saying "Chicken and Broccoli"
Removed News report
Removed the nipple cutting scene
Removed Eve and Randy talking
Removed Eve getting arrested
Trimmed the ambulance scene
Removed the therapy session
Removed the Luke Cunrard show
Lets just say i removed a very painful scene
Trimmed ending fight
Made custom credits and used the song 15 Step by Radiohead

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