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I don't think the rating means much on such a large composition of shorts. I'll try to keep each individual review brief.

Gordon Year One: Intense. I've never seen the original, but the audio seemed to be perfectly mixed in this short. The story seemed to be very complete as well. The ending was very intense. I think it's interesting how batman was mixed in... it left me wondering if the nameless hero was just batman without his suite on or some other dude. Mysterious for sure. Excellent video quality as well.

Super Cop: I liked the in-video commercials and the ending advertisements, it felt like it was truly prepared to be aired on TV. I felt like the news-team bit should have came just before the hospital scene instead of at the beginning - although it made for a very complete and unique intro to the short. The story also felt complete.

The Counterfeit Cop Caper: Super short non-stop action sequence with awesome music selections to amplify the intensity of the action! This has a alcohol prohibition feel to it from the mentions of stealing the money from beer and hot-dog sales, and because it's in black and white. :-) Definitely a MAN's short!

A Day in the Life: This short is the ultimate bad day for an officer. You've got your typical mid-30s guy trying to make a living by being the mass'es Shepard's Dog while the Shepard has left... for a really, really long time. This short has soul and I think it's one of the better ones. I really got into it, watched the rap scene twice.

Fatal Weapon: A strong man slowly drowning in depression and loneliness. I wasn't expecting his death though, that totally caught me by surprise. This makes the story more realistic to me. Very good video/audio quality and cut selections. A strong edit, but a very sad story.

Lahey: This story also felt very complete, so the editor made some good scene selections. The audio is also Seamless - just perfect and probably the strongest thing in this short. The first bit seems like a video-biography but it seems to be okay for this story. The video quality was also top-notch.

Police Stories: This one was a bit odd at first... I was left wanting more of the first story, but then I got what was happening. This is a perfect comparison of how cops were before vs. after. Before, detectives did investigations after someone was killed. After, detectives did investigations before someone was killed. Then the third in-show story started and it didn't really seem to fit. I think it probably could have been left out - and I didn't really get what was going on with it. The video quality was outstanding throughout.

The Equation of Crime: WOW! This one stole the show! I really got into this one! Osborne is Kennedy's "Killer" (so they say) and this short utilized the mystery surrounding that. The story felt complete also, but the ending made me cringe. I don't know if the video quality is good or not, never seen the original. Although the audio seemed to be perfect.

The Naked Gun: Old school cat and mouse investigation, where the mouse tries to catch the cat. The audio distortion helped cover up spots that didn't fit obviously, and did so in a way that was perfect for this short. The artifacts were very realistic. The story seemed to be complete to me, although there was a whole lot of snooping, and more snooping for clues. Classical cop story.

The entire collection was very enjoyable and overall very professional - not too many seams to be found anywhere really.

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