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(Updated: February 06, 2014)
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A Day in the Life by Neglify (9.1/10)

Very well put together edit about my favorite John C. Reilly character. A solid short.

The end is troubling on a couple of different levels. On the level of what's going on, it hurts to see this happen to Jim. There's no resolution there. This is not a critique, however, that's just how that shit went down. The second level upon which this is troubling is a critique. Yes, there was only so much one could do with this story from the source. But, stylistically, it feels wrong to end so abruptly. It'd have been nice for a wind down. Maybe a snippet of "One Is the Lonliest Number" played over shots of the city, or something along those lines. Sorry, not trying to say how it should have been done, just saying it didn't feel right how it was done.

But I still loved this, great work.

The Element of Crime by That One Guy (8.6/10)

Well, very interesting short. Pi's a pretty crazy movie as is, so chopping it up and playing with the narrative, as the editor has done, makes it even crazier. It's kind of confusing at times, though I think that was probably intended. The decision to make this a silent is a cool one (and I appreciate the color tint). The use of title cards is skillful, though I think there might have been an over reliance, and I'm not sure completely bought the narrative. However, this is, nonetheless, great work.

Fatal Weapon by TMBTM (9/10)

Great short. I love me some Lethal Weapon so I thought this pretty cool. Though it's not exactly as fun as your typical Riggs adventure, that's not a fault because the editor was going for something more somber.

The ending is certainly clever, but I'm not sure it totally worked for me. Something didn't quite feel right, the flow wasn't quite there.

Still, a very good short.

Gordon: Year One by g1orkatsos 9.1/10

Very nice edit, highly enjoyable. Not much to say. Editing was pretty great. Narrative wasn't as great, though can't really blame the editor. Just a lot of things happening in a short amount of time. Doesn't matter, still really good.

Lahey by Adabisi (8.9/10)

Quite funny short. A nice change of pace from the other shorts. Story is fluid, good editing job, for sure. Very amusing.

The Naked Gun by matrixgrindhouse (7.6/10)

This is a tough one. I enjoyed it, but it wasn't easy to watch. I don't really blame the editor for this. He took up a thankless task, trying to make Naked Gun unfunny. The problem of course is that so much gets cut out that there is an abundance of jarring edits. Grindhousing it kind of disguised this, but it still didn't feel right.

The edit is fun though. There are some laughs to be had from how much certain scenes need to cut down to get rid of jokes. As well I enjoyed the noir treatment. Good work on a tough job.

Police Stories by Neglify (8.2/10)

Cool edit. Good fun. Editing is good, nice job condensing the stories. Problem lies with the narrative, or lack of it. I get that it's supposed to be extra short snippets of police work. But there's no coherence between them. Maybe if each showed a different part of the police process it would flow better. As well, while the short was supposed to be about police work in three different time periods, two of the are set in the early 70s. But I still very much enjoyed this.

Supercop by leery (8.9/10)

Very fun edit (nice considering my main issue with Robocop 2 is general lack of fun). Loved the intro especially and all of the cameos. The announcer maybe could have been better, though. There were also a few rough audio things here and there but nothing too bad. Narrative was a little wonky but I guess that's what happens when you condense like this. Overall, though, I really enjoyed this and would definitely watch some more Supercop adventures.

The Counterfeit Cop Caper by Me (not worth a score)

Yeah, this one's mine. In all seriousness, I'd actually like to take this opportunity to apologize for my edit. The picture quality is rather poor, due to a number of different things that I will all chalk up to me being a newbie and this being my first edit. I realized this right at the time for submission, and the only way I could have fixed it would have been starting from scratch. Maybe someday far in the future I'll do that, but it won't be soon. I put a good deal of time into this and I'm pretty proud of it, so I was and am very thankful that TMBTM decided to include it in this wonderful project. It's really a privilege to have my work amongst such talented individuals.

Great Consecution guys. I think I'll have to check out the older ones now. And I can't wait to see what we all come up with next.

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