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Gordon: Year One

Batman works surprisingly well from an outsider's perspective. Seeing things from a
normal Gothamite's perspective is neat. One good cop, surrounded by rampant
corruption. There's barely any Batman in this edit, actually. If his involvement
weren't so integral to the story, it may have worked better without his presence at
all. Still, we have a clear, concise story. It doesn't feel like anything is missing,
the editing is seamless. This is Jim Gordon's story, and it works very well.
Despite an environment of crime amidst crime fighters, and the increasingly odd face
of justice in the form of the Batman, there's still hope for good old fashioned
honest police work.



Fun! I'm not much of a fan of Robocop 2. To my surprise, I wound up enjoying it as
a condensed TV episode, much more than as a feature film. The use of multiple
sources, music, and sound effects really do a great job of capturing the feeling the
editor was going for. I would have liked to have heard the Animated Series’
narration in place of the custom one recorded for this edit, and maybe some bits and
pieces from the infamous edited for TV versions of the first film. Regardless, this
is an amusing and entertaining edit. I'd like to see more episodes in the future!
And indeed, that's what this edit's about. I think. Though technology changes, and
society changes along with it, some patterns will always be there. The pursuit of
law-breaking dangers to society, to serve, protect, and uphold - that won't change.
There will just probably be a lot more cyborgs.


The Counterfeit Cop Caper:

Catchy Jazz-heavy soundtrack really helps the pacing. I like the noir style
flashback/forward from the planning phase to the heist in action. There's some
noticeable compression artifacts throughout. Banding effects, mostly. Maybe that's
an issue with the source copy that the black and white brought attention to? Or maybe
something went wrong in conversion, compression, or rendering phases. It isn't the
worst, I can still see what's happening with a reasonably high amount of detail. But
it is distracting. I do like the story told here. Stripping away the rest of the
film, leaving just enough context to follow along... it's dizzying, separating the
genuine police from the imposters. A very scary, very real concept.


A Day In The Life:

I'm not sure what to make of this one. But maybe that's the point. A series of
seemingly unconnected events. That's realistic, I suppose. There's not always going
to be a big break in the case. The dangers faced may not be part of some greater
scheme, but simply random chance. We see the frustration that can come with the
badge - and some very human, very real emotion at the end.


Police Stories:

Interesting juxtaposition. Simple old fashioned examination and interrogation,
followed by futuristic technology. And yet, the heart and soul of the police work is
the same. Find out what happened, how it happened, who did it, attempt to apprehend
them. The third segment highlights the real old fashioned method. Deception,
intimidation, brutally extracting information. Bias, assumptions brought on by
prejudice. The barbarity that used to - and sadly, still can - pass for real


Fatal Weapon:

Buddy Cop story minus one buddy. Police work can take a toll, psychologically
speaking. Couple that with personal trauma, and the results can be tragic. Also there was that time he saw Supercop battling Robocop 2. That had to have contributed to his decline.


The Equation of Crime:

Awesome concept. The editor really changed the source material to fit the new
subject matter, and pulled it off convincingly. There's some odd visual anomalies
here and there, but they don't detract from the viewing experience. Good music. At
first, I thought this might have been something along the lines of Minority Report or
Radar Secret Service - exploring the potential impact of new technology on the
science of criminal investigation. Instead, it's about the lengths one might go to
prove their innocence - or hide their guilt, perhaps. Great stuff.



A washed up, washed out, disgraced ex-cop tries to relive his glory days, clean up
his streets, and take back his life. Things don't go according to plan. I had a few
good chuckles here and there. Nice job in mashing together a bunch of episodes. It
really felt like it was always meant to be one work.


All in all, this is a great Consecution. Not at all what I was expecting. Very clever, very artistic ideas throughout. I was happy to have been a part of it, albeit in a very small way. Looking forward to the next one!

9/10 Overall

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