Conspiracy Theory: Censored Edition

Conspiracy Theory: Censored Edition
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Brief Synopsis:
A New York cabbie and author of a conspiracy theory newsletter seeks the aid of a government employee after he falls victim to a conspiracy that threatens his life.
This is a pretty straightforward edit that looks to make Conspiracy Theory into a tame PG-13 film that can be enjoyed as a family mystery/thriller. The dialogue has been cleaned up and the nose scene has been trimmed as well as a few additional scenes. Pop some popcorn and gather the family around for a mystery that entertains without being profane.
Other Sources:
- Bus leaving station SFX
- City traffic SFX
Special Thanks:
- TM2YC for helping me find where this should end up
- theryaney for the FE title card
Release Information:
Editing Details:
- Source: iTunes 1080p 5.1 (6mpbs)
- NLE: Vegas Pro 14.0
- Other Programs: Audacity
Cuts and Additions:
- Added custom title cards and intro credits
- Removed most of the language from the movie
- Trimmed the gore from the nose bite scene
- Removed Alice looking around when she finds the pin at the end of the movie

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