Comics Britannia: Complete 2007 BBC Documentary Season

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Comics Britannia: Complete 2007 BBC Documentary Season
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Since it was broadcast, I've been meaning to do a "Preservation DVD" for my own convenience collecting together the entire BBC 2007 'Comics Britannia' documentary season. It's about 9 hours of documentaries about comic books that have never been commercially released (And probably never will be). Apart from the material covering the British industry, there are also superb films about Herge/Tintin, Jean Giraud Moebius, Steve Ditko/Spiderman and Superman.
Preservation of the entire season for myself and other comic book fans.
Additional Notes:
None of this material is commercially available but if you wish to 'put a little something back', please purchase the related book 'Rude Britannia: British Comic Art', available from Amazon and other retailers.

Or buy a few of the recent BBC DVDs. I can highly recommend Doctor Who, Limmy's Show, Sherlock or Alpha Papa.
Special Thanks:
Thanks to auntie Beeb for such a great season of films. The licence fee is worth every penny!
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The set comprises the following films...

Disc 1:
- Comics Britannia Part 1: The Fun Factory (59 Minutes)
The early years of British comics.
- Comics Britannia Part 2: Boys and Girls (59 Minutes)
Post-war era comics aimed at boys and girls.
- Comics Britannia Part 3: X-Rated, Anarchy in the UK (59 Minutes)
Darker comics in the 1970s and 1980s.

Disc 2:
- Arena: The Comic Strip Hero (50 Minutes)
Superman and his portrayal in comic books and films.
- Jonathan Ross in Search of Steve Ditko (59 Minutes)
The story of the co-creator of Spider-Man.
- Tintin et Moi (Narrated by David Suchet) (59 Minutes)
A look at Herge and his comic creation, Tintin.
- Heath Robinson: Suburban Subversive (29 Minutes)
Heath Robinson and his illustrations of eccentric contraptions.

Disc 3:
- Moebius Redux: A Life in Pictures (52 Minutes)
A profile of french comic artist Jean Girard Moebius.
- Happy Birthday Broons (Narrated by Ewan McGregor) (29 Minutes)
Celebrating The Broons comic strip's 70th anniversary.
- Happy Birthday Wullie (Narrated by Billy Boyd) (29 Minutes)
Celebrating the birthday of Scotland's most famous comic icon.
- HARDtalk: 2012 interview with Alan Moore (24 Minutes)
Stephen Sackur talks writer Alan Moore about his work.
- Tintin's Adventure with Frank Gardner (59 Minutes)
Journalist Frank Gardner traces the adventures of Tintin.

I've also included a further 5 hours of comics related audio material from the BBC along with each disc...

Disc 1:
- Chain Reaction: Stewart Lee Interviews Alan Moore (29 Minutes)
The dry comedian interviews the acclaimed comic-book writer.
- Chain Reaction: Alan Moore Interviews Brian Eno (29 Minutes)
The acclaimed writer interviews the influential musician.
- The Infinite Monkey Cage 2010: Episode 3 (29 Minutes)
Professor Brian Cox and Robin Ince are joined by Jonathan Ross and Alan Moore.
- The Infinite Monkey Cage 2012: Episode 4 (29 Minutes)
Professor Brian Cox and Robin Ince are again joined by Alan Moore.

Disc 2:
- Futureshock! The Story of 2000AD (29 Minutes)
Phill Jupitus tells the story of Britain's greatest comic.
- Calvin and Hobbes (29 Minutes)
Phill Jupitus celebrates the comic strip and its creator Bill Watterson.
- Phill Jupitus' Comic Love (30 Minutes)
Personal insights into the world of the satirical newspaper comic strip.
- The Reunion with Sue MacGregor (44 Minutes)
Reuniting the group of artists who created The Beano and The Dandy.

Disc 3:
- Phill Jupitus' Strips: Episode 1 (14 Minutes)
Garry Trudeau, the reclusive creator of Doonesbury.
- Phill Jupitus' Strips: Episode 2 (14 Minutes)
Cartoonists in New York who are struggling to make ends meet
- Phill Jupitus' Strips: Episode 3 (14 Minutes)
The men behind The Daily Telegraph's Alex.
- Phill Jupitus' Strips: Episode 4 (14 Minutes)
Bill Griffith, the creator of Zippy The Pinhead.
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10 Minute extract from 'Anarchy in the UK' documentary