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When I first watched the rough cut some time ago, I noticed a few of bugs in this edit. Since then this has come a long way. This is definitely my go to edit of Wolverine now. The story moves at a very nice pace. It tends to stay focused on Wolverine instead of in the original where it jumped off track a couple of times.

Before the scene with young Storm seemed not to fit, now it fits very well. And she doesn’t stand out as much before. Plus it also explains why there was the storm at the end of that scene as Logan leaves the rest of stryker’s team.

Though, I missed the scene of Logan and his girlfriend at night where she tells the story of the Wolverine. I thought it showed them together a little bit longer. So that when it came to her death we’d feel a little bit bad bout it. I do understand why that was removed.

There was a small hiccup that I noticed when Sabretooth ‘kicks’ Logan with it cutting to black (the sound doesnt occur at the motion of the kick, so its a little abrupt). Was there also a deleted scene with Victor talkin to Stryker over the walkie talkies before he gets rid of Blob? Cause I don’t remember that.

What was the point of showing Stryler walking? That was one thing I wish had been removed possibly. Cause I like the idea of Stryker covering up the death of the general he killed. Though, it could be seen that he covered it up and lied at his questioning later on.

Verdict: I highly endorse this edit. I believe that this shall be the best version of Wolverine out there so far. This is definitely my go to version of edit. Im also gonna be recommending this to others out there that are not too fond of the theatrical cut.

DVD: Very simplistic. Missed having chapters selection. 6/10.

Edit: 9/10. (Reason stated above)

Film: 9/10. Better than the theatrical cut by far.

Overall: 9/10. Highly recommended and I hereby endorse this edit 100%.
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