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Grew up loving the 2005 film of “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe”, and while I was aware of “Prince Caspian” at the time of its release in 2008 (remember schoolmates talking about going to see it at the cinema) it was not until a long time later that I finally sat down to watch it.

It struck me as a bit of a let-down, with a large contributor being the new plot elements introduced: this edit was generally successful in removing them, it is likely that new audiences would be unaware that a large chunk is missing.

If one is familiar though you do notice immediately where there are gaps, with certain references being now orphaned and a few lingering looks remaining between Caspian and Susan. I would be the first to admit though that I’m not sure if or how these narrative changes could be achieved better, and this edit definitely fulfils its title in the broad sense.

Despite the disclaimer at the beginning I felt that the inclusion of the scene with unfinished VFX was distracting, if only they could be completed! The actual recutting was done well, particularly the “silent ending” (as described by tomh1138) though there were occasions that felt slightly non-original. I think it is an improvement overall, but would have to watch the original again to be sure.

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