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Somehow putting down a proper review for this slipped my mind when I viewed it many months ago. Apologies. This edit deserves all the praise it can get. I was the Academy member who gave the approval on this and I must say, never, not once has there ever been a first time submission that I watched that didn't need a few tweaks to get it okayed for this site. Until this one.

Seemless. That's what this is. If didn't know the film by heart and didn't know upfront that this was an edit, you'd probably never know. Hell, I know the movie by heart and I still kept missing when things were cut. Which is a testament to not only the skill of the editing but also the new breakneck pace that this film has been given.

This could just as easily be called "Casino Royale: Lean and Mean" because that's exactly what it is. And very fitting too, for the Bond here being portrayed. Not a huge deviation from the theatrical, but a very exciting and worthwhile one nonetheless. Recommended.
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