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Man oh man, ProblemEliminator lives up to his name by eliminating the minor problems that held back Casino Royale in my opinion from being a 9/10 to 10/10.
Toning down the edginess of Bond with making him less of a loose cannon does wonders for the movie, and removing those scenes where M is scolding him like a newbie was a good call. I also liked that some of the dialogue was made tighter, and the poker scenes flow better in my opinion and keep the tension going. Also, thanks for removing those scenes of the him driving the ford and using the 'GPS' sony phone, it makes the movie hold up better with time. Other cuts like removing the defib scene I was skeptical on but it actually didn't detract from the movie much at all, if any.
Overall, I'd say the TBP cut of Casino Royale is the version of the classic I will watch on repeat viewings, and I recommend it to everyone who enjoyed Casino Royale, or even those who didn't like its length.

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