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prologue: I remember a discussion I had with mollo the other day in the chat, where we talked about reviews and the ones who should write it, as well as ratings and what is an appropriate rating for a fanedit. We agreed that some movies require a certain audience which it was made for, either fans of the original or maybe the opposite, all depending on the intention of the faneditor.

In the case of Cannibal Holocaust this intention is a bit unclear. The faneditor seemed to want to improve on the existing material, yet maybe just wanted to present a different approach to it or maybe add further depth. With 50 minutes cut the change is very drastic. No doubt about that.

For my review I will take 2 approaches: technical quality and my personal opinion. I find this necessary in this case, because as you will see, these 2 are quite different due to the kind of movie fanedited here.

Please note that as for all my reviews this is just my personal opinion and does not reflect the official opinion of

video editing: Technical: Quite some thought went into the editing to focus on what the faneditor intended and it does the job. The addition of video distortion for reel ends looks very unnatural and not well done for the obvious time in which the movie was created. With a lot of footage gone, the scenes of the people watching it, seem too long and repeating itself. Some more of that could have been removed. The documentary plot of the “explorers” works quite well from start to finish, with the exception of the missing abortion scene that is later on referred to. Other than that the plot seems to be complete.
Personal opinion: It did not at all improve on this disgusting and sick movie and I regret having watched it. Personally I was happy about the missing abortion scene and would have been happy with a lot more violence and sick behavior removed, but that’s just me. I whole heartedly agree with one of the guys saying: “Burn it. All of it.”
video editing rating based on technical opinion: 2 of 5 (some issues should be addressed).

video quality: the image was noisy and movements blurred. I did not notice any stuttering though and the colors were good. The original looks better. 3 of 5.

audio editing technical: good. no problems there. The original does not sound better.
Personal opinion: I found the music in many places unfitting. This is not an error of the fanedit, but of the original though. Personally I think it could have been improved with new sound effects and a better score.
audio editing rating based on technical opinion: 5 of 5 (the original sound was not good to start with and supports the atmosphere of the movie).

Entertainment: technical: Those who liked the original will also like this fanedit as it provides an alternate view.
personal opinion: this is sick shit. Stay away from this movie. Totally not entertaining crap. You will be disgusted and if you are not, something is wrong with you.
rating: unfortunately this makes it impossible for me to rate the entertainment. I for one was not at all entertained, but watched through it to be able to comment on it. I assume there are some people who can “enjoy” it, which I try to respect.

Presentation: The DVD comes with a menu (still), scene selection (still) and and info menu (still). The link color is pink, which I hate, as it looks like amateur work. The menus overall are ok, nothing fancy or special but kind of fitting to the content. The trailers are a nice extra.
The DVD also comes with cover art, which is always a good thing. The cover art is ok, nothing too special, but it does the job. The image chosen is the typical one for this movie.
presentation rating: 3 of 5

resulting in an overall rating of 3 of 5 (technical only).
Does it improve on the original? I don’t think so. It’s different though and a lot shorter. As a fanedit it works.
My personal rating does not need to be added as it is quite obvious, I guess. But I really tried hard to be fair.
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