Camp Camp Season 4: Genuine Edition

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This edit shortens RoosterTeeth's fourth season of Camp Camp by having a handful of episodes edited and streamlined into one experience in order to remove certain characters, redundant aspects, and political references to maintain consistency with the previous seasons.
Season 4 of Camp Camp had a larger number of episodes than the previous seasons. I had hoped the show would take advantage of the situation to expand the plot points that were established previously.

They didn't.

Not only did they ignore things like David's relationship with Max and Mr. Campbell covering up Jasper's death. They had episodes that were utterly nonsensical and pointless. This edit keeps the episodes I thought were ok with some changes and removes all of the episodes I didn't like.
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Camp Camp Season 2
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The following episodes are featured in this edit:

- The Quarter-Moon Convergence.

- After Hours.

- Campfire Tales.

- Party Pooper.

- The Forest.
Cuts and Additions:
- Added copyright disclaimer and logo.

- Cameron Campbell does not make a single appearance. In the end of season 3, he was sent back to Camp Campbell to work under David, and his involvement in season 4 contradicted that. His sudden whiplash from an antagonist to a supportive character trying to learn from his mistakes was pointless for the show by ignoring the plot point of him covering up Jasper’s death.

- The supposed theme of change is never mentioned, as it was hardly brought up and never developed in the season.

- The Quarter-Moon Convergence is the first episode.

- Removed Quartermaster telling David he has the pigs blood ready.

- Removed Gwen questioning Quartermaster and her reaction to the pot filled with chicken.

- Removed the excessive bickering from the campers after Max tells Harrison his magic is getting old.

- After Neil sets up the telescope next to the group, the scene cuts to Harrison meeting with Quartermaster. Their conversation ends after Harrison shows his magic trick.

- Removed the montage of Quartermaster gathering his items while Harrison tries to make small talk.

- Removed Quartermaster asking Harrison if he wants any of the pickled contents.

- Removed Neil telling Space Kid that he's the leader after being attacked.

- Harrison and Quartermaster wake up before the campers are freed.

- Neil and the rest of the campers don't find the meteorite. Some cropping had to be done during the final talk between Neil and Quartermaster due to the position of the background changing between scenes.

- Removed Quartermaster referring to Harrison as an outcast and added a shot of the camp flag between the end of the episode and After Hours.

- After Hours starts here.

- Right after David finishes playing the guitar, Neil asks if everyone could go to bed.

- David’s mouth closes after thanking Gwen. Added several frames so the following cut isn’t too abrupt.

- Gwen doesn't ask David who will be watching the campers.

- Quartermaster doesn't mention a coming battle to David.

- Removed the squirrels appearing. David is quickly freed by Quartermaster.

- After the conclusion of the trade off scene with Gwen, a shot of the mess hall is added to smoothen the transition to Gwen giving David the nazzle spray, skipping the moments before. The color of the mess hall is reduced so it looks consistent in the next shot.

- Campfire Tales starts here.

- Removed the stories from Quartermaster and Jeremy.

- Cropped the shot when Dolph is about to tell his story to hide Quartermaster.

- Max is less harsh towards Dolph after his story is completed.

- Cropped the shot of everyone screaming and split it into two sections after the end of the last story to hide Max, who is revealed to be the one telling the story instead of Space Kid. A shot of Max from earlier in the episode is flipped and used to replace Space Kid.

- Party Pooper starts here.

- Added a few more frames after David interrupts Gwen.

- Gwen doesn't tell her dad to shut up after struggling to figure out what is the opposite of pooper.

- Max isn’t aggressive towards Gwen when her dad reminiscences about the past.

- Removed Harrison being booed by the camp.

- The Forest starts here. Moved this episode to the end as I felt it served as a true finale to the season.

- Removed David saying "Whoops!" when he slips.

- The scene cuts to black the instant David knocks his head on the canoe, then fades from black when he wakes up.

- Removed David throwing up water after swimming to shore.

- Removed David being attacked by bees and struggling to make a campfire.

- Max has a look of concern on his face and doesn’t say anything when David speaks to the campers again.

- Used the extended version of 'Sometimes Karma isn't a bitch' to accommodate the longer credits.

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