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A bold endeavour on NewSpock's part, and one that works more often than it doesn't in bringing the Buffy movie more in line with the tv series. It's not perfect (see sugestions criticisms below) but it's well done, far outstripping anything I could ever do, and accomplishes much of what it seems NewSpock set out to do. The tone is much more serious, the horror more in focus, and the final battle much more narratively satisfying.

If NewSpock ever returns to the project for a second swipe, my suggestions would be:

-It'd be a blast to see a title sequence of some sort, more in line with the tv series.

-If there was a way to cut the "Lite Ages" title card, I would. Without the companion "Dark Ages" title card (which I was glad was cut), it stands out as a tad odd.

-I wish that, by borrowing and recycling an sfx shot from the tv series, we could have seen at least one vampire turn to dust when staked. Otherwise, it relies a little too heavily on the audience's foreknowledge of what happens when the vampires drop out of shot.

-The transition from rescuing Pike to the scene in Buffy's house wasn't entirely seemless, though I'm unsure if it's possible to maintain the tone you were shooting for AND keep the end part of that fight scene.

-The addition of the Summers parents' fighting offscreen works surprisingly well. The addition of the Watcher monologue, not quite as well -- it sounds too differently from Donald Sutherland.

-I'd suggest moving the Principal's Office scene to directly following her attacking her fellow students in the hall -- it seems to me like that'd make more sense narratively.

-Adding "commercial breaks" might make it feel a bit more like a 90s era tv show/ pilot. The additional benefit, I think would be to add a brief but acceptable fade-to-black then fade-back-in following Lothos' much more satisfying death by fire, as it currently feels a bit abrupt in transitiioning from that to the next scene.

-I'd cut the movies end credits and add something of your own. The silly scenes going on during them fight against the tone the rest of the cut successfully creates.

Bravo, NewSpock! Well done, and thanks for all your hard work!

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