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TV-to-Movie March 08, 2014 4758
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ah buffy, i was never a big fan but it was a good show.
my wife on the other hand was a massive fan. so when she saw that newspock had edited the first 2 seasons in to 5 movies she had to see it.
im glad i watched it to, this is a really good edit, it all works perfectly all 5 movies (even my 8 year old sat up and watched some with us, even she loved it.)
the editing is perfect audio and visual wise.
me and my wife both highly recommend this edit.
this is a must see for anyone who watched or idealized the show it works really well and is highly entertaining.
thank you newspock this is great work, look forward to seeing what you do next.

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Owner's reply April 06, 2014

Thanks for watching and reviewing my edit. I'm glad you and your wife enjoyed it so much.

But just in case others might want to try Buffy with their children, I want to caution:

I would recommend a minimum age of at least 13. Buffy deals with some serious matters that might be troublesome for younger children.

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