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Buck has always been enjoyable fun for me, while I can still admit some of the shows flaws. One of those flaws was not just the reuse of special effects (which is necessary in scifi tv)... but the lack of continuity between direct shots. The Draconian shuttle is later used as an everyday shuttle in the series... the launch tubes all look like the Draconian launch tubes! (Which let's face it, that shot looked great!) Or you see a shuttle launch and it is one model, and then you see it flying away and clearly another model. So why did I ramble about all of that? Cause this edit fixes a big chunk of that in the final battle. I remember watching as a kid and wondering why they are fighting bad guys in one specific ship, but when it explodes is suddenly a Draconian Marauder! Now the big battle at the end uses the correct Scorpion fighters.

Also, really liking the pattern of flashbacks in the beginning of these movies. In this it helps give a bit more of a serious tone to Buck, and more of the "man out of time" that he had in the pilot movie. Also removing some of the more over the top jokes helps in tone quite a bit. One of the other things also addressed here is the treatment of Wilma. Through the series it was always odd that it was Buck teaching her things like self defense, how to fly a ship, combat tactics, etc. She was the head of Earth Defenses for heaven sake! So removing one line from Buck "teaching" her judo totally changed the scene to where it comes off as Buck completely underestimated her, and she knew it all along.

So for me, a completely enjoyable edit that keeps all the fun, with the right amount of course correction here and there. Now onto Plot to Kill a City! Many thanks for this.
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